Components: Behind the design

“Every element has to be designed with purpose,” says KITE creative director Marcello Martino, who pursued product design and architecture for years before discovering his love of eyewear. 

Marcello’s latest collection for KITE flirts with geometry, inside and out. Although the primary materials are KITE familiars – lustrous acetate and silk-light stainless steel – they take on new personas.

“The collection was born out of a curiosity to manipulate the line where the component meets the material,” says Marcello. “Playing with the possibilities allowed me to create an almost deconstructed effect, revealing the formation and functionality of the design.”

The collection of three pieces is an almost scientific investigation of the designer’s journey: imagination, styling, form, material, engineering… and how they all connect. 

He obsesses with every little detail. “There’s something really satisfying about being able to see it at the end through double-layer acetate sides. You highlight the defining features by exposing them.”

When we ask Marcello about the creative approach he brought to the Component Collection, he responds: “I have my eyes open and I’m actively curious about everything. Exploring materials and their interactions with one another has always been a KITE trademark.” And it’s Marcello’s passion for cutting-edge technology that continues to make his creations such beautifully engineered objects, collection after collection.

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