Zeiss x Kite present UVProtect

The world’s first truly 100% UV protected clear prescription lenses

Think your clear prescription lenses are giving you the protection you need from harmful UV rays? Think again. Here’s how we’re teaming up with Zeiss to provide cutting-edge design and world-class eye care, including the best UV protection under the sun.

Summer is rolling into the northern hemisphere and reminding everyone in the UK about this little thing called the sun. And we couldn’t be happier - there’s nothing we love more than a chance to throw on some sunnies and get out and about!

Plus, we’re always safe in the knowledge that our sunglasses are protecting our eyes from the effects of the sun.

But sunny days are only half the battle (or less than half in our cloudy nation) when it comes to protecting yourself from harmful UV rays.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the finest prescription lens crafters in the world, Zeiss, to launch a world-first in prescription eyewear - UVProtect.

The most accurate Zeiss prescription lenses, 100% UV protection, 100% clear. Believe it.

So, what’s the deal with UV light?

You’re probably aware of the effects of UV light on your skin. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve likely returned from a weekend somewhere warm looking a slightly different hue to your usual self.

But did you know that you’re just as prone to the effects of UV light when the weather is less than wonderful?

That’s because the UVA rays which are most prominent (and most harmful) in our atmosphere can make their way through cloud cover, affecting us even when we’re not thinking about or feeling them.

23% more UV protection than other lenses 23% more UV protection than other lenses

In fact, the cloud cover we in the UK enjoy more than most only spares us from about 10% of the harmful UV rays entering our atmosphere. And that poses a real problem when it comes to keeping our eyes, and the skin around them, healthy.

After all, when the sun goes away - so do our sunglasses.

Why do my prescription glasses need UV Protection?

At Kite, we believe that the way you care for your eyes is just as important as how you dress them. There’s really nothing more beautiful than healthy vision!

And while we all enjoy showing off our best Breakfast at Tiffany's look while the sun is out, we leave ourselves wide open to the effects of UV light when we opt only for prescription glasses on cloudy days.

That means that some of our most sensitive features, our eyes and the soft skin around them, are still receiving 90% the amount of UV light on cloudy days as on those when the sun is more prominent. This can lead to a wide range of issues from irritation and sun rashes through to cataracts, photokeratitis (sunburn of the corneas), and premature ageing.

(We won’t blame you if that last one scared you the most! Window to the soul, indeed.)

That’s why we’re proud to say that all of our prescription lenses will now be equipped with UVProtect technology at no extra cost. It’s the least we can do to give our customers confidence in their eyewear to help them look their best and live a happy, healthy life.

The clearest vision possible while keeping your eyes at their healthiest

Introducing Zeiss UVProtect

Zeiss UVProtect are the world’s first truly 100% UV protected clear prescription lenses, providing you with the clearest vision possible while keeping your eyes at their healthiest.

With UVProtect, your eyes will be protected from 100% of the UVA rays entering our atmosphere, without any tinting or clouded vision. That's because where the industry standard tends to protect you from up 380 nanometers (nm), UVProtect have developed a combination of technologies which combine in one lens to protect you from 400nm. That’s the entire UV spectrum!

Protect your eyes from 360 degrees of UV light

How does it work?

UVProtect combines innovative lens technology with a special coating to protect your eyes from 360 degrees of possible UV light.

Zeiss have engineered their most popular prescription lenses to block 100% of direct light coming towards the front of the lens, accounting for up to 90% of all UV light which could possibly enter the eye. To protect against rays which may be reflected off the inside of the lens, a specifically optimised anti-reflective (AR) coating is applied, providing complete protection from all angles.

Plus, all of our Zeiss UVProtect lenses also come standard with DuraVision scratch-resistant coating, meaning you’ll always have the clearest vision possible while staying completely protected from the sun’s rays.

Want learn more about Zeiss UVProtect? Visit the Carl Zeiss website.

An introductory offer for Kite customers

You deserve the best protection possible from the sun, whether it’s out in force or hiding behind a layer of cloud cover.

That’s why we’re giving Kite customers a special introductory offer on all reglazing of Kite eyewear, and non-Kite eyewear if you’re having your Kites reglazed as well.

Thinking of becoming part of the Kite family? Your new Kite prescription glasses will come with Zeiss UVProtect at no extra cost, and we’ll even reglaze your non-Kite glasses at the same special price when you buy.

UVProtect Introductory Code: UVPROTECT1

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