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Your eyes deserve the best care you can give them. That’s why at KITE we use cutting-edge, hospital grade eye scanning technology to give you the most accurate prescription possible. It’s an eye test unlike any other.

For a limited time you can experience a KITE eye test, for FREE. Just book and take your eye test before the end of April.
Not your average eye test
Introducing the i.Profiler®plus, a breakthrough in eye health technology from Zeiss
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Please note that our store is closed on April 1st.

Eye Test: FAQs

Is the appointment free of charge?
Throughout April 2018 our eye tests are free of charge. At all other times our eye tests are free if you purchase a frame, otherwise they’re £25.
How long is the appointment?
No more than about 25 minutes, tops.
Can I claim back the cost of my eye test against a future frame purchase?
Yes. Can’t decide on which frames to choose after your eye exam? Purchase any frame within 28 days and you’ll be refunded the £25.
What lenses do you use for my prescription?
Our single-vision and varifocal lenses only come from Zeiss – and we mean it when we say they're the world's best. We also apply anti-scratch and multi-layered anti-reflection coatings to all our lenses.
What kind of frames do you offer?
When your eye test is complete, one of our stylists can help you choose your ideal frames. Not only will we make sure you look as stylish as stylish can be, but we'll also ensure you have the perfect fit, style and size for your face.