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Visionary design. Artisanal construction. Revolutionary ideas. Kite Eyewear is an independent British brand re-imagining the world of eyewear as you know it.

The most creative eyewear design team in the country, the most innovative production process using the most high-quality components. The most technologically advanced, sophisticated eye tests available. The most pioneering, personalised shopping experience out there.

It's time to see differently.

A Journey through

Our Design Process

Every single pair of Kite glasses and sunglasses starts its journey in the Kite Lab - our dedicated London design studio - where the finest minds in eyewear are given free rein to experiment with new styles, materials and components.


Crafted with Care

These designs are brought to life by experienced artisans in the tiny Italian town of Belluno, who lovingly handcraft every pair of frames. No giant factories, no robotic assembly lines - instead an intricate 30-stage production process that results in defiantly distinctive opticals.

It's this commitment to quality and craftsmanship at every step that makes us who we are.

Our Lenses, Powered by ZEISS

At Kite, we care about vision. Therefore, every single pair of prescription eyewear is fitted with German engineered ZEISS lenses. Why? Simply put, they are the best in the business.

It’s hard to tell when looking at a lens what makes it special. But with ZEISS, the details matter. Their inimitable optical lenses contain Digital Inside Technology – lens innovation developed by ZEISS to address the impact that the modern day digital lifestyle has on our eyesight.

Exclusive to ZEISS, this technology provides the best vision experience and protection for today’s digital world, eliminating the feeling of eyestrain.

On top of that, all of our lenses come with Duravision platinum coating, a substance 250 times thinner than a piece of paper, and 3 times more robust than any other anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating out there.

And with our i-Profiler - the most sophisticated eye-scanning machine to date, also developed by our friends at ZEISS – we’re able to produce the most precise prescriptions on the planet, in under 60 seconds.

Learn more about our advanced Eye Tests

Only the finest materials

We’re obsessed with the little things.

Our aim is to achieve quality and harmony through each aspect of our product, to withstand up-close scrutinisation and to achieve the highest of our design ambitions.

To do so, we only use the finest materials including Mazzucchelli as our choice provider of acetate.

So, we have high quality frames – what next? Well, no eyewear experience is complete without a clinical investigation and we’ve invested in some of the best equipment available to test your eyes. Our experienced resident optometrist and opticians have over 30 years’ experience in their fields with countless commendations to their names. Still not sold?!

Well - We have the unique,  one and only eyebar at our Shoreditch store. A bar uniquely designed by landmark designer and architect Asif Khan, specifically set out for our trained stylists to provide a styling experience to our customers.

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Reaching new heights of engineering in Eyewear.