Personal Styling Sessions
at Kite

Find the frames for you

Not sure which frames suit your face? Want a complete overhaul of your eyewear look? At Kite our trained stylists can help find suitable frames for you! We'll curate frames from our range with your stylist making suggestions based on your preferences, your facial dimensions, profile and latest trends.

Once your stylist has been able to narrow down a few frames we’ll seat you at our unique Eyebar – serve you a cold drink or coffee and review your selection in a series of different colours with options on lens colour or (if you have a prescription) a series of our Zeiss lens offerings.

Given our variety of options we think this is the best part – frame and lens colour play a huge part in your look with certain colours of frame especially making the look feel bolder or softer. If you have a prescription, our trained staff will measure your pupil and height distances and discuss which lenses are appropriate for you – if you’ve had an eyetest with us or if you’ve brought in your prescription this will be done and discussed with you as you make your selection.

Our stylists have been trained to help in this regard and based on our large selection, we’re sure we can help find the perfect frames for your optical or sunglasses needs.

To get your personal styling session, simply drop by in-store, or call us on +44 (0)20 3728 7777 for more information